5 top tips for running facebook competitionsAs we all know Facebooks algorithm is continuously changing. It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to have their ads seen by their followers.

The reason for this is Facebook is doing its best to stay social.

Businesses had a free ride for quite a while on Facebook whereby they were advertising & selling their wares for free. Unfortunately for businesses this is no longer the case.
This is of course a good thing for the end user.

The normal Joe or Jane Bloggs does not want to see their news feed clogged with business adverts. They want to see funny posts, interesting posts about news items, maybe the odd product but never the hard sell. The other reason for this of course is Facebook is bringing in the revenue for paid ads & who could blame them, ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ as the saying goes :o)

In saying this we are always looking for ways to communicate with our audience on Facebook.

One way of communicating with your public is a competition…

Below is our 5 top tips for running Facebook competitions

1. Keep it SIMPLE…

No matter how good the prize is people will not read through tons of terms & conditions to enter, the quicker & easier it is to enter the better

2. Use visuals…

As we know images rule the newsfeed so ALWAYS add an image or even better a short video.

3. End result?

Figure out what you want to gain from your competition before launching.

Is it to gain new followers?
Or to reward existing?

The format of your competition depends on this info. For example a comment & like competition is designed to gain more followers. If you want to reward existing followers a fan of the week competition works very well. Fan of the week is an app that can be added to your business page, try it out.

4. Stick to the rules…

Stick to Facebook competition rules. This is perhaps the most important tip.
Facebook will not allow you to run a competition asking for shares, you can ask people to comment & like but it cannot be a condition of entry to share. So gone are the “Like & Share” to enter.

You also cannot ask people to tag themselves or others in a photo of a product. Please be careful as not adhering to Facebook rules will result in your competition being shown less in the newsfeed or not at all.
For a full list of Facebooks new rules click here

5. Avoid too much text on images…

While images are great & infographics are even better for portraying your message, if your image has too much text you won’t be allowed to boost your post or pay to advertise your competition. Facebooks rules are 20% text on all images,if you have more they simply won’t boost your post.
For more information on boosting posts & paid adds click here

If you need any help or more info just pop us a mail at info@inspireddesign.ie & we would be delighted to help