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So does anyone really blog? And I mean how would it do any good for your business?
Does anyone actually take bloggers seriously?
Do I have the answers…?


But last week I met a lady who does. I attended a day course with Aine Birmingham from Utter Digital on how to Blog and so this the first blog after all the invaluable advice…….

Ahem, no pressure then… 😉

As we all know, In this time of the digital era, we are constantly being reminded of the importance of Digital Marketing in promoting your business. The Internet has taken over the way we see things and using the web as a marketing medium is of utmost importance for most companies.

Digital Marketing has become so powerful for small or large companies, that it has become the gateway in which you can expand your leads and gather some potential business. 

There are many positive outcomes of a good digital marketing campaign;

  • Ability to access your market potential
  • Interact better with your audience
  • Developing new ways of selling thorough competition and giveaways.
  • Digital marketing is measurable.

One way in achieving this is obviously through Social Media, but as we discovered here at Inspired Design & Marketing through our research, blogging has become the way forward leading to traffic directly to your website and also to develop recognition of your business, which of course evidently will create more leads and referrals… which of course is what we all want!

As some of us may know, trying to get the time and even into the frame of mind for blogging is a difficult task..

Do people really want to hear what i have to say?
Am I rambling a bit?
Maybe this is too boring?

(Answers on a postcard please!)

However, Aine gave us some great tips last week and these were some of the main points which I gathered from her that helped in greatly understanding the whole concept and how to go about creating that interesting blog.

Can you…

Engage the audience?
Create intrigue and interest?
Have a good balance of pleasing reading and info from other sources?
Evoke emotion/ hit a raw nerve?
Challenge the reader?
Make a claim?
Use humor?

Through blogging and of course all types of Digital Marketing, most essentially social media, companies can develop relationships with their potential customers on a real and honest level building trust and recognition.

Does your business have a foot in the door of the world of Digital Marketing?
Don’t be afraid to ask. Thats where we can help!

My first foray into the world of blogging has begun but it remains to be seen if it has passed the test of the perfect blog!
Maybe Aine can let me know 😉

You can contact Aine Birmingham re: Blogging for your business and other SME advice on Or Tweet @UtterDigital

Im Michelle from Inspired Design & Marketing.
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