The importance of Website security

As you are aware, WEBSITE SECURITY is essential in protecting your computers, tablets, phones and other technical devices from viruses, malware and malicious content.

The importance of keeping your information and details safe and secure is essential when you are online – your Website Security is a huge part of this.

As we move forward in the digital age, apart from apps, websites and technology in general, malware and virus are too becoming more intelligent and this is why updating your site and your online security systems is essential in this battle.

Without online defence you are leaving yourself vulnerable and open to fraud, theft and damage.

WordPress and the importance of updating your site

WordPress is fast becoming the most popular and stable platform on which to build small business sites. As this is the case, it also makes it open to vulnerbilty to online preditors. The main reasons for keeping your WordPress site up to date are:

– Security
– Performance
– Compatibility
– Features
– Bug fixes

WordPress have a need for high security due to the volume of sites that are created on their platform and therefore they release updates to their platform on a regular basis. This is essential in keeping all the sites clean and updated and protected from information being highjacked online.

With plugins, same rule applies and this is important: Before you even think about adding a plugin to your site, ALWAYS research it. This means, check its ratings, see how popular it is, is it well supported?

It is recommended that you only use plugin’s that are well known so your risk for attacks are kept very low. This also means that if a security vulnerability where to occur, it van be fixed easily with the support available and an update released straight away.

You must ALWAYS keep your WordPress version and your plugins up to date… if you don’t install the updates, you’re vulnerable to security problems, and you’re the only one to blame.

Also updates aren’t just for security, they will often  improve the performance of your site and will help it perform at its best!

How to keep you website security updated

You can keep all of these up to date from one place: the Updates screen, which you access via Dashboard > Updates in the backend of your WordPress site.

This will give you a full list of all Updates that are required and its as easy as just clicking on Update.

Keeping your Website safe is essential. If you have any more queries regarding your site and how you can keep it safe, you can talk to us today!
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