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Is Facebook Marketing dead for small businesses?

HELL NO & here’s why …

Lots of businesses are complaining that their organic reach has dropped on Facebook & yes of course this is true.

With the continuing algorithm changes it is becoming more & more difficult to reach your target market without spending on ads.

HOWEVER all this means is we need to get more creative ….

Facebook is a SOCIAL Media Platform…

Thats it, SOCIAL

So many businesses are on Facebook frantically trying to sell to customers & this is just not how Facebook works

Facebook is a fantastic platform for the following:

⭐️ Meeting prospects

⭐️ Creating relationships

⭐️ Reminding your customers you are out there & open for business

Facebook rarely works for:

⭐️ Selling direct to clients & customers

So whats the answer for businesses?

My top tips to grow your business organically (for free) on Facebook are:

1. Get Social – be nice, comment on others posts, friend request people who are suggested to you by facebook or who have heaps of friends in common

2. Deliver Value – Help people, answer questions people may have, recommend other businesses, give tips & advice to people in your niche, give, give, give and it will come back to you

3. Join groups in your niche or where your target market are – add value in the groups

4. Start conversations, join conversations

5. Run a good competition – BUT ensure you follow Facebooks rules for the competition

6. Encourage engagement – ask questions – run poles

7. Entertain – its SOCIAL Media guys – don’t be afraid to be funny – its not all business

8. Be YOURSELF – people buy from people

9. Remember your keywords – keyword arent just for Google – they help with searches on Facebook too

10. Try a live video & see your business explode – Facebook live is a whole other coversation BUT if you want to get your business noticed this is a fantastic way

Things to NEVER do on Facebook:

1. Don’t SPAM- dropping your link to your website or sales funnel onto peoples post for no reason

2. STOP TAGGING – lots of businesses tagging other businesses unnecessarily – this just annoys people & guess what, it kills your reach too as Facebook know you are SPAMMING

3. STOP SELLING – did I say that already? I can’t say it enough. Facebook is for nurturing clients, bring them onto email, messenger, the phone etc to sell to them – stop trying to sell via your facebook posts

4. Don’t troll – no one likes a keyboard warrior. Stop the public rants. All people see when you go on a personal rant about something or against someone else is someone who is negative & controversial – someone who I wouldn’t want to do business with

They are my top tips & I guess what it all boils down to is …

Be yourself but be the best version of yourself – be you on a really good day & have fun 😘

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