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Making Google Work For Your Business

Make sure you have a working website for your business. Make sure you are getting traffic to that website

Me to would be client:
(Construction Sector)
“So you have a website, does it bring in much business?”

“No we get no business from it – dont think websites work in our line of business”

“Really? In my experience websites work fantastically for construction companies…
In fact I have a client who is in a niche sector of construction, they have more than doubled their revenue in 1 year since working with me. We built their site & then got them to page one of Google for over 20 search terms. This had their phone ringing off the hook”

“How are you driving traffic to the site?”

WBC: 😳🤷🤷🏼‍♀️

Me: “Do you do facebook ads? organic facebook? SEO? Instagram? LinkedIn????”

WBC: “Ehhh we do a bit of facebook but thats it”

Me: “Do you know how many users you get to your site on daily? weekly basis?”

WBC: “Sure I havent a clue”

⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ THIS
Is so so so so (did I say so) Common

Remember this :
1. Websites are a SALES tool – Treat them as such
Treat them like one of your sales force
They are in fact even better as they don’t take sick days or holidays – they are open 24/7
BUT this doesnt matter if they are not working – make sure your site works

2. Once you have a working (& by working I mean converting) website. Then its time to drive traffic to it
Use Google – Use Facebook – Use all the Social Platforms

What’s the lesson here????
The lesson is stick to what you are good at

If I wake up one morning & come down to the kitchen & its flooded what do I do????
I call a plumber

If my car breaks down I certainly don’t crack the bonnet & start adjusting wires
I call the mechanics

I need a new wall built in my garden…
you get the picture now

As business owners we are guilty of wanting to do everything ourselves but its just not always doable & its certainly not always a profitable way to run a business

If you are not getting business in through your website or through Social Media then get help
Find an expert who can help you

There are 2 ways I can help
1. I can do it for you
2. I can teach you to do it yourself
Whichever you are into I can help with

Book a free 15 min Skype consultation
Outsource your marketing – let me do what I’m good at & you do what you are good at 😊


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