The percentage of web users logging on from a mobile device is rising every day – are you ready?Fitcert is a mobile responsive website by inspired design

What does this new mobile world mean for business owners?

With mobile use numbers on the rise EVERY WEEK it has become more important than ever to have a fully responsive site.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that opens in a slightly different format on a mobile or a tablet or any other device. In laymans terms the website knows you are visiting from your phone & therefore adjusts itself to fit your screen better. Navigation becomes easier as the buttons are enlarged to accommodate for touch screen.

Why is this important?

Users are no longer happy to scroll & pinch their screen on a mobile device to try to find the information they are looking for. If they visit your site & they cannot see it properly on their mobile they leave, head off to your competitors site which is mobile ready.

What about Google searches?

A few months ago Google warned us by announcing that they would start to penalize sites which aren’t mobile ready. Now the time is here, Google have announced that it is making it easier for customers to find websites that are mobile ready by pushing them up the search ranking. So guess what happens to the sites that aren’t mobile ready? You got it, pushed to the end of the list.

In short – if your website isn’t mobile ready – you will start to see your Google ranking slide – can your business afford this?

How can you fix it?

There are 2 options to fix your old desktop site. 1 Have a web developer create a mobile site for you, this site will run alongside your desktop version – this option can work out more costly in the end & doesn’t rank as well with Google. The 2nd option is having your web developer redesign your website as a mobile responsive website, this is by far the most popular option, because it works better, it is easier to manage in the long run & Google prefers this option in its rankings.

If you aren’t ready don’t panic…

Inspired Design can build you a mobile responsive website from as little as €599 – this is an investment worth making & it’s worth making now before you slip further down in Googles rankings.


Inspired Graphic & Website Design Ltd is t/a Inspired Design – All pricing is exclusive of VAT. The price mentioned is based on a small brochure website, further costs incur for more pages, features & seo work on your website.