Marketing your Event with Posters and Programs

Have a promotion or an event coming up for your business?
Let us here at Inspired Design help you design and print your promotional material. Get your business on the map by marketing your event, from flyers, posters to banners and event programmes. We have the experience and professionalism to make your event material visually striking. We are the preferred designers for all promotional material in the St. Patricks Festival in Perth.


Brochures and Programs

As with all marketing, brochures and programs are an essential part of getting your business or event noticed. In face-to-face situations, your promotional material will need to be visually striking and professional so that the customer can see how your product or service is likened to such professionalism. We have vast experience in designing brochures, flyers and programs and in having such high quality prints  your event will stand out from the crowd. Giving your customers the important information that is required for your event or promotion.


Banners and Pull-ups

Banners and Pull-ups are also popular in catching the eye of your customers and pushing your event or your promotion from a visual stand point. Pull-ups can be placed outside you business or at an event where standing out among the crowd is important for any company. Promote your business with a striking large pull-up or banner and make sure that your product or service is not forgotten in a hurry.


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