The ideas have been flying around for months… A new business venture.

You’ve done the research, your new business cannot fail? Right? Wrong…

Depending on where you look for your statistics the failure figure in Ireland can be up to 50%. It’s daunting for even the most hardened soul. So what’s the answer?


Look at the most important aspects of your business. Sales – Production – Marketing – Finance … Most new business owners will try to do everything themselves, spreading themselves too thin across every department. When you signed up to be a business owner, you did so because you are a master in your own field. It is not feasible to suddenly become an Accountant, Web Designer, Social Media Expert, Sales person etc. Many new business owners don’t put enough value on their own time. Hours are spent trying to figure out tasks which aren’t their expertise. Take the time out, look at your budgets and make the decision to outsource.

Jimmys Cartoon Start a new business


Denise Horan @ Inspired Design started at the Local Enterprise Office…

“The Local Enterprise Office Fingal were fantastic. After doing the Start your own Business Course I went on to do various different courses within the enterprise board. Realising that finance was my weak spot I hired a good accountant. I went on to apply for funding from the board and got it for job creation, on the basis of our exporting.”

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